Pimsleur Spanish Review

If you want to learn Spanish you want to be sure you go with a program that will make the process as easy as possible for you. You will also want to go with a program that has proven to offer people great results. Pimsleur Approach is a program which is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to learn Spanish. There are also many other languages you can learn with this program.

How does program work?

When the program comes to you it will have everything you need to get well on your way to learning Spanish. When you purchase this product there are different programs for you to choose from and this allows you to start out at a beginning level and go up as high as you want. There is the Quick and Simple kit which comes with 4 Cd’s which acts as an introduction to the language, Then the Go Pimsleur kit which has 4 CD’s, 1 MP3 CD, a book, and higher instruction, the Basic kit which has 5 CD’s which offers you the first ten lessons from level one and is designed more for those who want to be comfortable with basic sentences, the Compact kit which has 5 CD’s and reading instructions, and the Conversational kit which has 8 CD’s of instruction which includes the first sixteen lessons out of Comprehensive level 1 and goes more in depth allowing learners to gain true fluency, and the Comprehensive it which has 16 CD’s and reading instructions.

Who can use the Pimsleur Approach?

The great thing about this program is it will work on just about anyone. As long as you follow the program and really want to learn, you should see success. You want to try to do a lesson a day. This way, you will be learning constantly, but won’t be rushing yourself. You should also practice what you learn to keep it fresh and help you pick it up faster. This program was developed with the use of scientifically proven tactics so you know it is designed in a manner that will help you learn Spanish quicker and more efficiently than many of the other methods. Pimsleur Spanish takes the confusion out of learning the language.

What makes this program different?

While it is true that people can learn differently there are some things that help them to remember faster and more efficiently. These things have been determined through research and added in to the program so you will be able to memorize what you learned more efficiently. It takes you through the basics to conversational Spanish in a straightforward and easy to follow manner without a lot of hassle.


If you want to learn Spanish in a simple way which will break everything down for you in the best manner possible so you can begin putting everything to use quickly. This program has already been used successfully by many people who are now speaking the languages they always wanted to learn.