Most Magical Places to Visit in Albania

Be Fascinated by the Most Beautiful Gems in Albania

Long after you have left Albania, the fun memories that you had will stay with you. From beautiful beaches, epic mountains, alluring hiking trails, strong yet diverse culture to fascinating historical sites, you will never run out of entertaining things to do while in Albania. What is even greater is that while there is so much to discover, most places are family-friendly. So whether you are taking a solo trip or with your whole family, you will surely have a memorable time. If you are searching for the best tourist destinations in Albania, here are some exciting and magical places that will be worth your time. Besides, one thing that can make your travel exciting is to understand their native language. But how is that possible? You can seek for online tools that can help translate that language for you.

Historical Monuments in Gjirokastër

Do you prefer to visit historic sites? Then you will love Gjirokastër. Often referred to as the city of a thousand steps, Gjirokastër boasts of rich history and heritage. History buffs will enjoy visiting the following places in Gjirokastër:

  • Ancient Greek city of Antigone

Located around 14km to the east of Gjirokastër, this third-century city was built to commemorate love, just like the famous Taj Mahal. By visiting this archeological park, you will get to learn its deep history. The mosaics and the old churches nearby a must-see, and as you approach the ruins, take note of the spectacular mountain views.

  • Old town streets

What better way to enjoy the beauty of this ancient town than by taking a walk along the steep streets. Although walking the whole day can be a little bit exhausting, visitors that love sightseeing can appreciate the designs of the small houses with beautiful decorations and follow the streets to a vantage point to watch the sunset.

If you prefer not to walk, especially during the July or summer heat, then you can find a driver who will take you up the hillside. Remember, ask how much the fare is before getting into the car, and in case of any language barrier, hire a local at an affordable price to translate English to Albania.

  • Gjirokastër castle

Albania has several magnificent castles. One of the most famous is the Gjirokastër castle, which offers impressive views of the surrounding mountains. While in this historical site, you will view an American fighter plane, take selfies between the European and Union flags, and know about several other memorabilia of World War 2.

Other places that you should visit while in Gjirokastër include: Ali Pasha Bridge, Ethnographic museum, army museum, cold war tunnel, an old mosque, Zekate House, the oldest Ottoman tower, and Skenduli house which has Ottoman-era architecture.

Memorable Places to Visit in Berat

Berat is one of the areas that you must visit if you are in Albania. This city is known for its unique Ottoman architecture, which has made it be referred to as the town of a thousand windows. That’s not all; it has preserved monuments and stunning residential areas. While Berat may seem similar to Gjirokastër, it has a unique charm that makes it worth visiting. You can spend a few nights to explore the place at a slower pace or see all the tourist attractions in a day.

Interesting places to visit in Berat include:

  • Kala or Berat castle
  • Old town
  • National Ethnographic Museum
  • The bridge that separates the Mangalam (Muslim) and Gorica Quarter (Christian)
  • Local churches such as Holy Trinity Church and St. Mary of Blachernae Church hold unique historical and architectural monuments.

If you are interested in diving deeper into Albania’s religious history, then visits the Historic mosques and the two Sufi tekkes in Berat.

Go for a Swim in Albanian Beaches

The stunning coastline and clear waters are the top reason that makes Albanian beaches so popular. Wondering which ones will make an incredible beach day, here are the top three:

Gjipe Beach

Located on the Albanian Riviera, Gjipe beach has clear waters that are great for swimming and cooling off during a hot day.

Grama Beach

Grama beach is in a remote location, which makes it a hidden game that is free of any massive crowds. You can reach the area either by hiking or boat.

Dhermi Beach

This is a popular beach destination for both locals and tourists, especially during summertime.

Enjoy the View of Stunning Nature in Theth

Apart from rich water sources that include lakes and rivers, people that love to explore nature in some of the highest mountains, lagoons, and national parks will enjoy what Albania has to offer. A hike in the Albanian Alps will allow you to interact with wildlife; however, the natural landscape of the Theth valley is one of the most beautiful attractions that Albania can offer.

Go Skiing in Lepushe or Dardha

Did you know that Lepushe and Dardha are the ideal skiing places in Albania? You can get a unique skiing experience by visiting Dardha, which is in the Southern part of the country or head over to Lepushe that is located in the northern region.

Enjoy a Boat Ride in Lake Komani

Albania has some of the most beautiful lakes that are popular for unforgettable boat rides, and Komani is one of them. Other lakes that you can partake in kayaking, swimming, or bird watching are:

  • Shkodër,
  • Orhid
  • Bovilla
  • Prespa

The best season for visiting Albania is May to September when it is sunny. If you like more quiet adventures, then avoid the high-season which tends to be between July-August. Regardless of whatever month you decide to explore this country, you will never run out of things to do. Besides, the prices are fair, and the locals are helpful.